50 Cent

50 Cent recently opened up about his thoughts on the current feud between Lil Wayne and Cash Money, who he said would probably work out their differences.

“I’m surprised to see Wayne going through that because of the relationship between him and Baby,” he admitted. “I think it’ll work itself out. I hate when personal things become public ’cause everyone [speculates] on things they don’t really know. I just know that they had a father-son relationship and that could easily be something that they communicate between the two of them and resolve instead of having everybody else involved. Be careful of the things that you say about the Wayne and Baby situation. Baby will forgive Wayne for the things that he’s saying and Wayne will forgive Baby for the things he’s saying, but they may not forgive you.

“The relationship has so much depth to it that you really shouldn’t even speak on it,” Fif continued. “Because they’re public people, we don’t think about it but that’s like me being in the middle of you and your mom having an argument. Then you and your mom make up for whatever reasons, but I can’t come over your mother’s house no more ’cause of the stuff I said.”