Lil Wayne
via Instagram / Michael Custodio

Lil Wayne shocked the hip-hop industry in December, when seemingly out of nowhere he put Cash Money and its co-founder Birdman on blast after nearly two decades of loyalty.

In a series of tweets, the rap superstar said he was “a prisoner and so is my creativity,” and would follow with a $51 million lawsuit against the only label he’s ever called home.

Weezy’s been fairly quiet about the whole ordeal since making it known on Twitter, but broke his silence this week in an interview with Rolling Stone, where he revealed that he and Birdman are no longer on speaking terms.

“I have no words. I’m super-numb to it, to tell you the truth,” he says.

Wayne has been signed to Cash Money Records since the age of 12, and for years, viewed Birdman as a father figure, frequently referring to himself as “Birdman Jr.” in his music.

The rapper goes on to say that his legal fight with Cash Money is weighing on him, saying he’s “human,” but his cure-all is weed, of course.

While he doesn’t go into much detail about Birdman or the legal issues, he did confirm that Tha Carter V is complete, but is on hold while his legal situation plays out. “Cake baked, icing on top, name on top, candles lit. I would have released it yesterday if I could. But it’s a dead subject right now. It’s a jewel in the safe. It’s that stash-house money,” Wayne said.

For those waiting, there’s some good news. This talked-about Free Weezy Album is set to drop as a free project in March. “I guarantee it’s going to be something dope. If you don’t want a musician being creative, don’t get The Free Weezy Album,” Wayne revealed.

He later touches on talk of retirement, which he said he planned to do after Tha Carter V. Apparently, Wayne’s changed his mind. “I’ve thought about it,” he says. “But for a person like me that bleeds, eats, sleeps and shits music, it’s hard to do, ” Wayne said.

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