“Diamond” Dallas Page Talks DDP Yoga & Wrestling History

Diamond Dallas Page

One of our longtime contributors, Zac Shull (aka Redhands), has launched his Redhands Podcast, in which he interviews various personalities.

In the first episode, he chops it up with former pro-wrestler “Diamond” Dallas Page, also known as DDP, a former WCW heavyweight champ, movie star, inspirational speaker and fitness guru. Whether you were a wrestling fan or not, most have heard the name DDP. Some memorable moments was his battle with Hulk Hogan and N.W.O., during which he teamed up with Karl Malone to take on Hogan and Dennis Rodman.

DDP recalls his history during the interview, as well as the new chapter in his life DDP Yoga, and even Jay Z stealing his “diamond cutter” hand sign.


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