Jay Z and Rymir Satterthwaite

A 21-year-old aspiring rapper has come forward, claiming to be the son of hip-hop superstar Jay Z.

A young man named Rymir Satterthwaite has filed a civil lawsuit against Hov, demanding he take a paternity test to determine if he’s the dad, reports the New York Daily New.

He claims Jay and his mother hooked up more than 21 years ago, before the rapper was a star and before he married Beyonce.

Although the news just surfaced, the paternity battle dates back to June 2010 when Wanda Satterthwaite named Jay-Z as a possible father to her boy.

DNA testing has proven that a second man, believed to be the boy’s father since birth, was not the biological father. So, Wanda has since tried to force Jay Z to submit to testing, but through his lawyer, has blocked the request, arguing there was no “extraordinary cause” involved.

Satterthwaite claims Jay’s actions have caused him both financial and emotional damage. However, it’s unclear if the lawsuit is seeking a financial settlement.

This isn’t the first time a woman claimed Jay fathered a child. In the mid-2000s, a Trinidadian model named Shenelle Scott made headlines, when rumors surfaced that her young son was Jay’s, though the hip-hop star denied reports.