Bizzy Bone Recalls Being Kidnapped As A Kid

Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone, a member of the legendary hip-hop group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, recently revealed a traumatic incident from his childhood… being kidnapped.

During an interview with Blurred Culture, the 38-year-old rap vet recalled how he moved around a lot during his youth, living with a variety of family members, but was kidnapped for a span of two years.

With the help of America’s Most Wanted, Bizzy was eventually found, and moved to Cleveland with his sisters.

“Before I was Bizzy Bone I was always — As a kid I was stuck with monumental things that happened in my life,” Bizzy explained. “Kinda tragic. Music was always an escape… I had a two, three year stint with my mom. I was kidnapped after that for two years. John Walsh helped lead the charge in finding me. A few psychics and so on and so forth. And then after that I was in foster homes running around…”

After arriving in Cleveland is whan he first met Layzie, which would become the beginning of the grou.

“I get down there [Cleveland, Ohio]. I was selling dope. Was actually selling dope in the dopehouse and I met Layzie Bone,” Bizzy recalled. “And from that day on — First, I became Wishbone and we went through our Bone Thugs story. Look out for the movie. We went through our thing. And from about 14, 15-years-old up until this very day we’ve been friends, comrades, business associates. But that’s who I was before Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.”

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  1. my dude! one of thee most unique spitters to ever touch a mic.

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