1800 Tequila Releases $2,000 Limited Bottle

1800 Colección Tequila

1800 Tequila announced a super limited edition offering this week called 1800 Colección.

1800 calls it “a perfectly aged, extra añejo tequila,” which is available in a limited batch of hand-numbered bottles that are packaged alongside a pewter decanter designed by celebrated artist Gary Baseman. The design is inspired by the tragic love story between a Mexican warrior and a magical mermaid.

The tequila itself is crafted in Mexico’s esteemed tequila producing region of Jalisco in the town of Tequila. Blue agave is harvested upon optimal maturation and is hand-selected and steam-cooked in stone ovens for several days. It is then double distilled in copper pot stills to create a smooth liquid. The final step requires aging the tequila in charred French oak barrels for more than three years, giving the spirit its rich, complex character.

Limited to just 40 bottles, the 1800 Colección will be available select retailers nationwide for $2,000 USD each.

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