via Instagram / Drake

When Drake dropped his surprise mixtape this week, entitled If You’re Reading This Its Too Late, he caught everyone off-guard. But, could there be more to it, other than just following Beyonce’s lead to combat music piracy?

Noisey reported a few interesting points about the release, including the fact that Drizzy didn’t thank Birdman or Cash Money Records in the project’s handwritten thank you note.

He lists everyone from RiFF Raff to Madonna to Chief Keef, but no Birdman.

Also, Noisey points out that although If You’re Reading This Its Too Late was originally planned as mixtape, Drake could’ve released it as a paid album to fulfill his rumored four-album deal with Cash Money Records… and siding with Lil Wayne in his beef with the label co-founded by Birdman.

Furthermore, it allows the rapper to save his long talked-about Views From The 6 album to release on his own, independently, without the influence of Cash Money.

For Birdman, it may have been an opportunity to make all parties happy. Instead of releasing the planned tape for free, releasing it as a digital release allows Cash Money to make pure profit without having to spend on promotion, radio-play and/or marketing.

And… it worked. Drake is projected to sell over 400,000 copies in the first week.

It’s a good theory. Only time will tell if it’s correct.