Before becoming a hip-hop star and nicknamed “The Baddest Bitch,” Trina a young girl in Miami trying to find her way.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the rapper discussed her run as an exotic dancer, which she says was brief.

“Yeah, I did,” Trina admitted. “I was like out of high school and one of my friends had went to this place. It was like a cabaret spot, and you couldn’t get naked. You just only could have on the hottest outfit or whatever… It was so fast. I was there for maybe — It wasn’t even a week. It was like ‘This is not for me.’ I just thought it was like ‘Okay, I’m about to make a whole bunch of money. I’mma do it and it’s real sexy.’ It’s almost like burlesque, but then it really wasn’t like burlesque. And I was like ‘Nah, this is not for me.’ ”

Elsewhere in the interview, she detailed the beginning of her rap career, when she was approached by Trick Daddy to appear on his classic cut, “Nann N*gga”, her rap debut.

“Before I did the record with Trick, I just had finished real estate school,” Trina explained. “I was about to do real estate. It’s something that I just liked a lot and I went to school for it. I had got a little job at this little real estate company, ERE… Right before I was about to show a few properties, Trick called and asked me to do a record for him. And I was like ‘What does he mean do a record?’ It was not more so ‘Come and be a rapper.’ It was more like ‘I need you to just talk the talk. Just be fierce. Talk trash. Really dominate me on the record. Because it’s a female versus a male type of situation.’ And, I honestly thought he was kind of nuts, but I was like ‘Okay, I’ll think about it.’ And then the next day…he called. And he was like ‘Come by the studio. I’m gonna cook.’ And you know, Trick’s a great cook. So, we all went over and went to the studio. And when I heard the record I was like ‘Woah, this is like out of control.’ It was just so raw.”