French Montana Talks Healthy Living, Adopting CrossFit

Reebok's Industry Night Workout With French Montana and Lita Lewis

Reebok staged a high-profile workout event at the Reebok Lounge in Hollywood this past week, hosted by French Montana and fitness trainer Lita Lewis. was among the celebrities and influencers invited to participate in the high intensity workout. Fusing fitness with music by DJ Drama, the evening highlighted the Reebok Lounge and its combined lifestyle and fitness capabilities.

During the evening workout, we caught up with French Montana, who told us why he’s adopted a healthier lifestyle, and what it is about crossfit that he loves.

“Your body is the only place you have to live in. So, I figured, it’s the only thing you have to take care of,” French Montana told us at the event. “I used to party every night, and then, I used to perform, so my body seemed like it was getting a lil weak on me. So, I got it back together.”

“I was working out, regular workouts. Then, when I tried crossfit,” he explained of how he began participating in the popular conditioning program. “Tt was a friend of mine telling me to try crossfit. Once I did it for about a week, it’s addictive. The intensity, and it’s non-stop. It’s great for your body and it’s continuously working out. It’s not like lifting weights, stop and take a breather. It’s like one thing after another. It definitely clears your mind, and definitely takes your energy out.”

For our workout, we wore apparel and footwear from Reebok’s collections, including Studio, Yoga and CrossFit apparel and ZCut TR sneakers for women and CrossFit apparel for men paired with Nano 4.0 sneakers.

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