Suge Knight

It seems Suge Knight is in bad shape.

His attorney David Kenner spoke during a press conference this week, where he said his client’s health issues are “serious,” and said he’s being monitored by medical staff in jail.

“They’re serious,” said Kenner. “We filed a motion today as the first step to get an evaluation by the medical staff at the jail. After we have that we’re going to be reporting back to the court, so that court can make a determination as to having a private physician evaluate [him].”

When asked if his condition is life-threatening, Kenner didn’t offer a clear answer, but said blood clots — which Suge recently suffered — always have the potential to be life-threatening.

“Blood clots are always potentially life-threatening,” he said. “Wherever they might be. They’re not always life-threatening. And people live with them for years. But if they break away from where they are and get to the heart, you’re dead.”

After appearing in court last week, where he pleaded not guilty to murder charges, Suge began having pain in his chest and was hospitalized, where they concluded that he had an intense physical reaction to a potentially fatal blood clot.

He’s since been released and is in jail with his bail revoked.