After transforming the taxi landscape, Uber has bigger plans for its future.

According to Business Insider, the company’s CEO Travis Kalanick recently revealed an ambitious plan to make ber so affordable and consistent that commuters will choose his service over buying a car.

“Our intention is to make Uber so efficient, cars so highly utilized that for most people it is cheaper than owning a car,” Kalanick said via Twitter.

He was responding to a reporter who questioned whether or not Uber would keep rates low once there are fewer ride hailing competitors. “Uber doesn’t grow if car ownership is cheaper than taking Uber,” he said.

In addition to Kalanick’s vision of a future where you always have a driver, he’s said that Uber’s future will probably include driverless cars.

Uber has its work cut out for them to really change the way society travels across the board, but it’s definitely an ambitious plan.

They’re also launching new initiatives such as UberPool, a ride-sharing service, to make trips more affordable by splitting fares.