Pharcyde's J-Sw!ft

J-Swift, of the 1990s group Pharcyde, has been denied entry back into the U.S., after being detained in Vancouver, Canada in January.

According to a Go Fund Me page, launched to help him find his way back home, the producer performed in the city alongside Pharcyde members Fat Lip and Tre Hardson in January, but was detained by U.S. Customs as he tried to travel back home on Jan. 15. Now, he’s facing deportation.

Apparently, a deportation ruling against J-Swift was brought forth in August 2014, but days after, he filed an appeal.

Buw, while fighting the ruling through the legal steps, he’s been touring with The Pharcyde, making stops nine countries in Europe, without incident. This was until last month, when he was denied entry into the U.S. from Vancouver.

J-Swift has now launched a Go Fund Me campaign to raise $25,000 for a legal fund to get him back home to Los Angeles, where he’s resided for years with his four children.