Kanye West
via Rodrigoferrari / CC-BY-2.0

There’s been a lot of Kanye West news this weekend, mostly centered around his new Adidas Yeezy Boost sneaker. However, he’s got some big things on the horizon for music as well.

While on the red carpet for this weekend’s Grammys, Ye revealed that Rihanna has enlisted him to executive produce her forthcoming album.

“I’m executive producing Rihanna’s album,” he told E! News. “Then, I played her my album and I said I’ve done a few songs with Paul McCartney. She couldn’t get past this [‘FourFiveSeconds’] record. She had to have it on her album. She sounds really amazing on it. Jay Brown did his thug-thizzle and made sure he got the record for Rihanna.”

So far, not much is known about Rihanna’s album, tentatively titled R8. Stay tuned…