K. Michelle
via Instagram / K. Michelle

During an appearance on The Breakfast Club last week, NYC rapper Uncle Murda made the claim that K. Michelle’s vagina was smelly.

While on the air, he said he heard from a number of athletes and rappers that the singer wasn’t very fresh-smelling down below… adding that he is just keeping it real.

In an interview on 106 KMEL in the Bay Area this week, K. Michelle addressed Uncle Murda’s claims, brushing it off as part of being successful.

“It’s a new headline every day I wake up. Today I woke up, my coochie was stanking,” she said. “I don’t even know who [Uncle Murda] is.

“In the first place, the level and caliber of men that I date, don’t know no Uncle Murda. I don’t know you,” K. Michelle continued. “I’m not even gonna be angry or react, because I see how people always take my name to do anything to get that attention, because they know I’ll pop off. You might get a little attention, get 300 followers, feeling like king for the day.”

According to K. Michelle, she’s never met Uncle Murda or Soulja Boy, who previously made the same claim about her.

“I just thinks it’s crazy,” she said. “The first people who came at me about it was Soulja Boy, and he had never met me. None of these men have never met me or been in the same room.”

Check out the interview below (at the 4:50 mark):