Georges St-Pierre Wants Better Drug-Testing If He Returns To UFC

Georges St-Pierre
via scienceduck / CC-BY-2.0

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre shocked fans in December 2013, when he stepped away from MMA indefinitely.¬†However, he’s healed from an ACL injury and wants to return.

According to, GSP says he’d “love” to fight again… but if he returns, he wants things to be fair.

He says he will return to the UFC if the promotion adopts a third-party drug-testing program.

“That’s a very big factor for me [to come back],” St-Pierre said. “I’m wealthy and I’m happy. I retired on top. I don’t need to risk taking a fight again. Maybe I would get someone who is cheating.

“If I fight again, I want a fair fight. I want it to be legit. Right now, the system is not in place for that.”

GSP’s comments follow a bombshell last week, which revealed that former champ Anderson Silva had tested positive for multiple steroids before his nontitle bout against Nick Diaz at UFC 183 in January.

Silva, who has denied taking PEDs, failed a drug test on Jan. 9. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission said it did not receive those results until Feb. 3, which is why Silva still fought.

Since vacating his UFC title in late 2013, St-Pierre has advocated for independent, third-party drug testing in MMA.

According to ESPN, the way the current system works is athletic commissions conducts drug-testing, but does not have experience with Olympic-style, year-round blood testing. Furthermore, commissions may have a conflict of interest, since they are financially tied to big events. In Nevada for instance, the NSAC collects 6 percent of gross ticket sales.

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