Raekwon Comes To Iggy Azalea’s Defense: “She’s Talented”

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Iggy Azalea hasn’t had much support from the hip-hop community, as others have criticized her in the ongoing debate regarding cultural appropriation within the genre.

However, one artist has come forward in her defense. No, not T.I., but Wu-Tang Clan vet, Raekwon.

During a recent interview for Peter Bailey’s NiteCap, the rap legend spoke on Iggy, offering both words of support and compliments for her talent.

“All I can say in that situation is that she’s doing what she wants to do,” Rae said. “She was able to take it from somewhere so far away where she was at, to here and nobody’s gonna ever wanna give it up, because of course, she’s a white girl, pretty and she’s got talent. Then you’re gonna have people ridicule that because she’s from Australia. Music is for whoever knows how to it make it, man. We have to say to ourselves, ‘If you’re talented, you’re talented.’ I think she’s talented in her form and we just have to accept that and don’t look at it as, ‘Oh you ain’t from that life,’ because a lot of people aren’t from that life. I might sit here and look at a couple of rappers and say, ‘Yeah, he sound like a perfect one, but you really not from that.’

“Look at French [Montana]. French is African. He’s Moroccan,” he added. “These guys that come from so much of a different background, they recognize the music and they’re able to relate to it because it’s like, ‘Oh, whoa, that’s what he said?’ And we develop our own forte of how we live and how we move. It goes the same way through the music. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s somebody from Mongolia that come out and sell 100 million records. I wouldn’t be surprised because it’s so much influence now that’s being given, it’s only right to sponge it up. Sponge it and be able to define the true talent in yourself to make it happen for you. That’s what it is.”

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