McDonald's Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle

Fast-food giant McDonald’s is auctioning off a limited edition bottle of its Big Mac special sauce… but you have to be willing to shell out some major cash.

According to the AFP, the “McDonald’s Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce Bottle #1 of 200” is up for sale on eBay Australia for, at least, AU $23,100 (or $18,000 USD).

The proceeds of the sale will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities, which helps sick children and their families.

“This bottle is #1 of only 200 being produced worldwide, and they won’t be sold in restaurants,” the auction reads, adding that the sauce could be used to improve anything from goulash to cupcakes.

It will be McDonald’s first-ever bottle of Big Mac Special Sauce, which you could only previously get in between the buns of the iconic burger.

The auction runs until February 11. Head over to eBay to enter your bid.