Adidas x Kanye West Yeezi To Launch Via New Confirmed App

adidas Confirmed App

In anticipation of Kanye West Yeezi sneaker with Adidas, the shoe brand is making sure they’re prepared.

According to NiceKicks, the Three Stripes has rolled out the adidas Confirmed App … which is aimed at making the purchase of the hyped shoe safer, smoother and more efficient.

By using the app, users will receive push notifications so they won’t miss shoe releases, and even have the ability to reserve a pair in their size in their area, based on geo-targeting zones.

Additionally, the app was designed to fight bots, programs people use to secure orders for a large number of sneakers the instant they drop.

The adidas Confirmed App is available now at Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Despite the release, the initial launch is available only to New York City.

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