Raekwon Recalls Smoking PCP With Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Raekwon and Ol' Dirty Bastard

The Wu-Tang Clan have been together since the early 1990s. Recalling one of his favorite memories with Ol’ Dirty Bastard, member Raekwon recently told a story of smoking PCP with the late rapper.

In an interview with 247HH, the rap veteran explained that it all took place during a large gathering with the whole Wu-Tang Clan and each member’s respective entourage. Apparently, ODB was amping everyone up with a pushup contest.

“One story we had was we all was — even when we was on the road we was still f*cking around, smoking dust and all that sh*t,” Rae said. “Some dudes still had habits that was just habits ’cause we was associated with that kind of crowd of n*ggas. Like I said, for every Wu-Tang member, he has his own entourage. That’s why we was always so deep. You got nine brothers, you may know ten dudes and you may know eight and you know six, you may be with the normal three that you with, he come with 12. That’s 60 n*ggas right there. So everybody had their audience of dudes they ran with. At that time, we was around RZA’s crew of dudes. These n*ggas was just hooded out, whatever whatever.

“One night we was all in the room smoking dust just, ‘Boom, boom, boom,'” he continued. “Dust is like that embalming fluid. So we in there blowing. Why me, Dirty, RZA, a couple other brothers from the hood, I think we wound up doing like 900 pushups that day, apiece. We all was just getting on the floor getting it in. Some n*ggas was at like 1,200. We smoking dust, amped up, like, ‘Yeah, yeah, c’mon!’ I think Dirty did about like 1,100 that night. I did about 950. Mind you, I never did that many pushups in my life. I did so many pushups that Goddamn day that I wasn’t even dusted no more. I wiped that sh*t right out my body… That was some sh*t. Dirty, he was an amazing individual. That’s one of the memories I can remember ’cause he was the one that was definitely amping everybody up.”

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