Jordin Sparks Opens Up About Jason Derulo Split, Returns BMW

Jordin Sparks

It’s been five months since Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo split, and both have been quiet about the details … until now.

She previously dissed him on the mixtape track, “How About Now (Remix),” but opened up further about their break-up in an interview with The Breakfast Club last week.

According to Sparks, the couple had a small fight the night before she was going on a trip, but she apologized and everything seem was fine. The next day, she said, “He helped me with my bag to the car, he kissed me and told me he loved me, and then didn’t call.” Ever.

Later, she says she returned the BMW he gave her as a gift, and told him to come get all his stuff from her house. “If he wanted it, he could have it, I dropped it off at the BMW dealership and said, ‘You can deal with it.’ ” While at the dealership, the singer said she was caught off-guard when she learned the gift wasn’t even purchased, but leased.

Jason went on to debunk her ex’s claims by posting a picture of the receipt on Instagram, which has since been deleted.

Jason Derulo IG about Jordin Sparks

In the end, Sparks says her relationship with Derulo taught her what she expects in a man… and also says she’ll never really know the reason for their split. “I’ll never know what was true, what was not.”

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