Buckshot Recalls Tupac Choosing Him Over Suge Knight

Buckshot, Tupac and Boot Camp Clik

Boot Camp Clik member Buckshot has been in the game for a long time… from the early 1990’s up until present day. He and his crew has been around greats throughout the years, including the late Tupac Shakur, who he recently recalled a story about.

In an interview with Vlad TV, Buckshot told the story of a time when the rap icon chose him over Suge Knight, when the entire Death Row roster was on en route to Las Vegas.

“Suge has something going on in Vegas and everybody from Death Row had to be there,” Buckshot remembered. “Snoop and everybody had already loaded the plane, but Tupac hadn’t loaded the plane yet and Tupac had all of us with him. So, Suge told Tupac he has to board the plane, we have to go… And Tupac said, ‘I’m not boarding the plane unless all my peoples board with me,’ which was us. Suge was like, ‘You’re kidding me. You’ve got to board this plane and have them dudes get on another flight and get down there however they going to get down there… Pac was like, ‘If I don’t go, none of us go.’ I’m hearing this and I’m like, ‘No Pac just go!’ ”

From there, Pac and Suge got into some sort of an argument, and ultimately, the rapper refused to travel to Las Vegas. Instead, he, Buckshot and other members of the crew hit the studio.

“He tore up the plane tickets and he was mad as a motherf*cker,” Buckshot explained. “I put my head down because I knew it was going to be a bad night. We went straight to the studio and we recorded this song called, ‘Never Call You Bitch Again’ and I kept trying to record my verses and I kept looking at Pac through the glass window and he was mad, arguing and he looked discomforted, just f*cked up.”

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