Safaree and Nicki Minaj

Hot 97 host Ebro weighed in on Nicki Minaj’s headline-grabbing break-up with longtime boyfriend Safaree, who recently offered his side to their split.

During an interview with The Breakfast Club last week, Safaree opened up as to why the couple split after so many years, saying he was treated more like an employee than her boyfriend.

Well, apparently, Ebro didn’t like that… and revealed that he had since spoken to Nicki about SB’s latest interview, and thought it was “lame” that her ex is doing interviews at all.

“I’m super proud of Nicki Minaj this morning,” he said over Hot 97 airwaves.. “Her ex-boyfriend out here yappin’, right? And by the way, he was never a public figure, so for him to be running around and doing interviews is super lame and believe that’s one of the reasons that they broke up, because he wanted to be somebody.”

Also during Safaree’s interview, he revealed that he and Nicki collaborated in the making of all her songs, asserting that he helped the rap star with her lyrics. “Every time it came to writing raps, it was me, her and the beat,” he said. “It got to the point where the respect was gone. I’m the one who packed my stuff and left.”

Ebro says Nicki was upset, especially about him saying he helped write her raps.

“She was upset about all of this and I just told her to be patient because in a few weeks this will all be gone and no one will be talking about your ex and your old relationships,” said Ebro. “But, she was most upset about the idea that someone else was writing her rhymes. He asserted that there was help. When you look at Nicki Minaj’s album credits, there’s a lot of people that work on albums… But when you assert that somebody wrote your rhymes — you know that’s Nicki’s thing. But I told you that’s why he did it, because he knew that would hurt you.”

As he continued, he offered some advice for Safaree, saying he should’ve remained in the background… and been happy with his position. “Like how you with Nicki Minaj and you can’t play the back my G?” Ebro asked. “You know he was chilling, getting cars, motorcycles, living in the houses, all dat. You can’t just kick back, start a business? Buy a Dunkin Donuts… a Wing Stop, my G?”