Lupe Fiasco Stepping Away From Public Eye

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco has fulfilled his contract obligations for Atlantic Records, and now, says he will “go back to the shadows.”

In a series of tweets on Tuesday (Jan. 13), the Chicago rapper expressed his plans to step away from the public eye to tackle other interested in his life outside of music.

“When you get the chance look at my timeline. It’s like looking into Dante’s Inferno. The raw pure hatred and negativity. I see it everyday,” he said.

“I never look away from it. Its the truth of humanity,” Lupe continued. “A truth that I asked to see the minute I decided to stand up for the good in this life. These are my last few days addressing the public directly. Im not tired. I could carry on for years. I just really want to do something else.”

As he continued, Lupe revealed that he never liked being in the “addressing the public,” but had to in support of his musical projects. But now that he isn’t contractually bound by a corporation, he doesn’t want to do it any longer.

“I never really liked dealing with the public. My recording career thus far put me in a place where i had to for promotion,” he wrote. “Now that my contract is over and I have other things that I’d rather be doing I get to make the decision to go back to the shadows.”

Lupe’s immediate plans were unknown at press time.

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