Kevin Garnett Ejected After Head-Butting Dwight Howard

Kevin Garnett head-butts Dwight Howard

Brooklyn Nets power forward Kevin Garnett was ejected from their 113-99 loss to the Houston Rockets on Monday (Jan. 12), after head-butting center Dwight Howard during a fight in the first quarter.

About five minutes into the game, the players got tangled up as Howard was trying to catch a lob pass in the paint. After a foul was called, Garnett pushed Howard, and Howard pushed back.

This sparked the incident… which continued with KG throwing¬†the ball at Howard, getting in his face, and head-butting him. Garnett also pushed him and Howard responded by throwing an open-handed slap that hit Garnett in the neck.

Multiple players and personnel immediately intervened and KG had to be restrained as he continued to try to go after Howard.

After officials reviewed the play, Garnett received a personal foul, both players received technical fouls and Garnett was ejected. Garnett may also face additional discipline from the NBA for the incident.

When asked by reporters about the altercation, Howard said: “Doesn’t matter. We won the game. That’s what matters. We’ve got 82 games and the playoffs. I’ll do my damage when it’s time.”

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