YG Confirms Fist Fight With DJ Mustard, Says It’s Happened Before


Just before the New Year, YG and DJ Mustard shocked fans when a beef between the two spilled over onto the Internet. An argument the two had would¬†escalate into both threatening each other… and finally, a fist fight that would end the conflict.

On New Year’s Day, both YG and Mustard posted a photo together, which had the caption:¬†“What ya thought a head up was gone end this ?! Jokes on yall d*ck heads !!!!””

Neither has talked about the altercation until this week, when YG discussed the incident on Hot 97, explaining that the beef was very real… and not just hype as some speculated.

Apparently, Mustard mentioned, via social media, that he hadn’t been paid for his work on YG’s My Krazy Life on social media, but quickly deleted it. However, the rapper saw what was written, called him out… and ultimately, met up for a fight.

“We met up, we did our little thing, you feel me? Ain’t nothing. A fade, we do it all the time,” YG clarified.

When pressed for details, YG replied, “We ain’t about to get into all that because then that’s gonna make it… that don’t matter. Me and the homie, we fought and we got it over with. We gonna stay homies. This ain’t the first time.”

YG goes on to explain that the two had a previous altercation, but word of the scrap just never made it to the blogs.

“We fight all the time. Before he gave me the ‘My Hitta’ record, we got into a situation,” he explained. “It was at a point in time, when I first started working on My Krazy Life and I felt like [DJ Mustard] wasn’t really going in. So, I said how I felt, and then, we was going back and forth. Then.. yea.

“At the end of the day, we some real people.”

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