Wu-Tang’s “Once Upon A Time In Shaolin” Hitting Online Auction

Wu-Tang Clan - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin (1-of-1)

Despite RZA previously saying the Wu-Tang Clan got a $5 million offer for single-copy album, Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the project is doing up for sale via an auction house.

In an interview with Forbes, the Wu head revealed that the group have enlisted a company called Paddle8 to sell the limited edition album.

Further details were not revealed, but RZA said more information will be released through a micro-site later this month, which will contain interviews with RZA, Wu-Tang-related essays and a sneak peek at the Once Upon A Time In Shaolin tracklist.

According to Forbes, RZA says the transaction will be treated as a private sale, not an auction.

“That’s something that auction houses — Christie’s, Sotheby’s, all the way down to Paddle8 — do quite frequently. It’s price upon request,” said Paddle8’s Sarah Goulet.

Paddle8 will sift through legitimate offers and Wu-Tang will try to settle on one that makes the most sense. Apparently, the Wu has been getting crazy offers through email, so they chose Paddle8 to sort serious buyers from jokers.

“Anyone can send an email saying, ‘I got $55 million,’ ” producer Cilvaringz tells Forbes. “I got one like that before. But it’s like, ‘Yeah, right.’ ”

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