Indie Label Says DMX “Fully Cooperated” On New Album

DMX is making headlines this week over the upcoming release of a new album, entitled Redemption of the Beast.

A press release from indie label Seven Arts announced the project, saying it’d be his eighth studio set and would consist of “X’s signature heavy-hitting, fast-paced lyrics, classic Ruff Ryder beats, and moments of reflection on his experience in the rap game.”

While the news excited fans, DMX wasn’t happy about the news. In a statement from his rep, the rapper claimed the songs were “stolen” and the album is being sold without his consent.

Despite X’s claims, Seven Arts tells a different story. In a statement, the label said Redemption of the Beast contains songs from 52 masters it purchased from DMX in 2012. The first album being 2012’s Undisputed.

Furthermore, they say the rapper and his team “fully cooperated” in the production of the forthcoming album.

“Seven Arts is pleased to release the second album from the 52 masters acquired by Seven Arts from DMX and his producers in 2012,” said Peter Hoffman, of Seven Arts Entertainment. “DMX and his team fully cooperated on the production of this album. Redemption of the Beast was the second album planned for release with DMX in September of 2012, following the release of Undisputed. These new masters represent the best of this legendary artist and offer production by some of the best in the industry. All fans are invited to listen to the music, which is the real thing, the ‘rough and ready’ of DMX. The music and artistry speaks for itself.”

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