DJ Skee’s DASH Radio Coming To Cars Via AT&T Drive

DASH Radio

AT&T continues to expand its AT&T Drive initiative, launched a year ago to make it easier for automotive manufacturers to integrate apps from top companies.

During its annual AT&T Developer Summit, the company announced the addition to five new apps to its connected car platform, including DJ Skee’s new Internet radio service, DASH Radio.

“We want to give our connected car drivers applications that provide enhanced in-car experiences while continuing to focus on driver safety,” said Chris Penrose, senior vice president, Internet of Things, AT&T Mobility. “Our goal with AT&T Drive is to bring together the top players in the industry to collaborate and drive innovation for end users — and these players do just that.”

Skee launched DASH Radio in August in an attempt to bring back the original feeling of radio… without corporate restrictions, which includes paid tracklists, ad spots, etc.

It’s available now for both iOS and Android, and apparently, via AT&T Drive in select car models. Other new services added to the platform includes AetherPal, Audiobooks, Deventseeker and Glympse.

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