Q&A: Kim Lee Talks Modeling, Love For Music & DJ KimKat Duo

Kim Lee

Some of you might know Kim Lee as a model who’s graced the pages of several magazines over the years, including Maxim, ELLE, Vanity Fair and Lowrider, just to name a few. The 26-year-old made her runway debut in Paris in 2006 and hit the ground running. However, she’s more than just a pretty face… she also has a love for music, which has been her focus as of late.

Kim hooked up with a like-minded friend named Kat Nova in recent years, forming a DJ duo known KimKat… and have been on the grind ever since. In the past year alone, the pair have been on the road, performing for various sized crowds around the world. And, they’re currently working on an official album and have even landed their own show on MTV Asia, set to debut in 2015.

With all that said, we caught up with Kim to discuss her love for music, the differences between being a model and DJ, and what people can expect from DJ KimKat.

You’re known as a model, but have transitioned into the DJ world. Can you tell us about how you got into music?

Funny thing is, I don’t consider myself as a model. Yeah I take pics, but usually, it’s because magazines ask me and I’m like, “Why not?” I LOVE music. I also been playing the piano since I was 8. So, when I started deejaying, it was easy for me.

Kim Lee

How does modeling differ from a career in music?

To be honest, the whole DJ world is different. I had to tone it down with my image ’cause some people were like, “Hmm, can you actually DJ?” All I say is come to our show then you’ll see. Something people think, “Oh, you’re sexy and blah blah blah…” until they see us live and they’re like, “Oh okay.” But, I learn that you gotta have thick skin in this business. People are gonna talk regardless. You gotta keep hustlin’ and don’t let peoples opinions get to you.

As for DJing. How long have you been DJing? And, what is it about it that you love?

I been deejaying for four years now. I love being able to perform and make people happy at our shows. It’s all about good music and meeting awesome people all around the world.

How did you and Kat hook up?

Kat and I been friends for over 10 years now. We used to do music videos back then and we met on her second day in LA. She’s got this cool vibe about her and she hustles like me. We both share the same vision with work.

DJ KimKat

As a duo, how does the KimKat team work? Can you talk about your performances and how working as a duo for shows goes down?

We usually go back to back or I would MC while she’s deejaying. We just freestyle it and we always get our fans involved at our shows. There’s definitely a lot of alcohol at our shows (laughs), but it’s all fun.

What sets DJ KimKat apart from other acts out there?

We’re just wild and a lot of fun. It’s all about energy. I guess ’cause we’re girls people, at first, think, “Oh their set is probably girly.” But, we’re far from that (laughs).

Are you still modeling? Or has it taken a backseat to your music career?

I don’t really model. I do shoots here and there, but my mind and focus is music.

What’s next for DJ KimKat?

We have our first official release on a major label next year, so we’re excited about that. We’re actually diving into production hard this year and also wrapping up our TV show with MTV Asia soon.

DJ KimKat

For more info on DJ KimKat, visit their official website, or follow them on Twitter (@OfficialKimLee @RealKatNova).

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