YG, DJ Mustard Beef Over Money On Instagram

YG and DJ Mustard

Despite the success they’ve had together over the past few years, it looks like super producer DJ Mustard and rapper YG have had a falling out.

Over the weekend, a woman claiming to be the Compton rapper’s ex said he had given her an STD. Annoyed with people asking him about YG’s personal business, Mustard took a shot, writing: “Stop asking me about the YG sh*t!!! I don’t know about none of it, on top of that I still ain’t got payed for his album! So I don’t gives a f*ck.”

YG caught wind of it and on Monday (Dec. 29), he took to Instagram to call out his longtime collaborator.

“Wait what? @djmustard F*CK YOU N*GGA,” YG captioned along with a screenshot of Mustard saying he hasn’t gotten paid. “F*CK EVERYBODY THATT AINT GOT PAID FOR MY ALBUM and DJ MUSTARD I KNOW WHERE YO STUDIO AT N*GGA. & …….. THATS ME SAYIN ‘MUSTARD ON THE BEAT HOE’. YOU AINT NEVER PAID ME FOR THATT OR YO ALBUM N*GGA.”

He then followed with a screenshot of outgoing calls to Mustard, which went unanswered, writing: “P1ru answer the phone fat boy @djmustard, talkin thatt talk on the Gram.”

DJ Mustard would reply (via IG), saying he’d meet up with YG to fight. “Say no mo I ain’t for no sucka sh*t and this internet sh*t weak we can get down this won’t be the first time …… I’m finna pull up we can squabble up !!! See yo in 30 killa …..,” he wrote.

The duo have seemed inseparable over the past few years, but now that both are successful, it seems money has put a strain on their relationship.

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