Azealia Banks and Action Bronson

Azealia Banks continued her Twitter tirade on Monday (Dec. 29), getting into a beef with Action Bronson.

The Harlem rapper took to social media to call out her NYC rap peer for trying to speak to send her an apology through a mutual friend and not directly.

“Action Bronson is trying to apologize to me by texting a mutual friend of ours and saying he’s sorry and shouldn’t have said anything to me,” Banks wrote in a series of tweets, before calling him a “meatball” and “misogynist.”

Bronson would respond (and later delete his tweets), telling her to “grow up” before explaining himself and wishing her the best.

“Just didn’t want my name mentioned with the person u were talking about,” he wrote. “It went to far. Be safe and happy and much success in the new year.”

It’s the second time the pair got into an argument over Twitter. Earlier this month, Banks and Bronson got into an argument, after Bronson chastised his followers for mentioning his name in the same breath as Banks and Iggy Azalea… who were going through their own drama. Banks would immediately fire back, calling him a “bootleg Ghost Face” and claimed she can rap better “on a track any given Sunday.”

Their exchange would escalate, where Bronson would say that the Devil lives inside Banks’ vagina.