Royce Da 5’9 Reacts To Tyler The Creator Blasting “Shady XV”

Royce Da 5'9

Shortly after the release of the Shady Records compilation Shady XV in November, Odd Future frontman Tyler The Creator took to Twitter to blast the project.

“I love you Marshall, you are my favorite rapper but dude ShadyXV is f*cking ASS hahaha why wont someone who loves him tell him NO,” the outspoken rapper wrote before he later deleted the tweet.

While speaking with Vlad TV, Shady Records signee Royce Da 5’9 offered his thoughts on Tyler’s remarks… essentially saying he’s entitled to his opinion.

“I don’t really have much of a take on it,” said the Detroit rapper. “What can you say? He said his opinion. It’s the kid’s opinion and what am I gonna do? Get mad at him? We’re living in that era now, man. That’s like I go over to a girl house that I’m trying to smash and her little kid [or] little baby brother is in there and he’s like, ‘You smell like marijuana!’ And everybody laugh because it’s the little kid and he’s saying something crazy. And everybody cares because it’s the little kid with the voice. That’s kind of how it is, man. I don’t care, man. What am I gon’ do about that?

“Em will probably never find out about that,” Royce continued. “That’s the thing about it. These people use their platform to say certain things and to do certain things. We’re living in a society today, in hip-hop, where it’s very, very easy for artists to throw stones and hide their hands. There’s a lot of different avenues for them to do that. You can hide behind the various media outlets and stuff. You know where people dwell, you know who’s gonna hear about it [and] who’s not gon’ hear about it. It’s that type of thing.”

As Royce continued to speak on Tyler, he recalled his last meeting with him, while explaining why he’s not offended by what he says.

“The last time I seen Tyler The Creator, those guys were running around the dressing room with f*cking capes and sh*t on,” he said. “It just felt like we were in the room with some fun kids. And that’s really how I look at them. I’m not about to start getting offended by everything he said or anything like that. If the kid got his opinion, he got his opinion. It’s just what it is.”

Royce goes on to say that Eminem worked just as hard on Shady XV as he hasĀ on his any of his previous efforts.

“Whatever your favorite [Eminem] music is, be it Relapse, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, the same amount of time he spent on that music, and the same amount of passion and effort and how dear to his heart he holds that music, he holds Shady XV,” he explained. “He worked just as hard on Shady XV. [If] you talk about one body of work, you may as well be talking about the rest of the sh*t.”

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  1. I still don’t know who the hell Tyler the creator is. I seen him on ridiculousness with some guy named taco and they were acting like kids. the slim shady xv album wasn’t a eminem album. yes there was a few songs that wasn’t that good. that’s in every album from every raper or singer. Even the slim shady LP had like two songs I wasn’t feeling but that was the best album I heard from him and anyone else. MMLP2 was pretty good it wasn’t his best but it was good for someone who’s fucking around and been there and done that. I bet his very last album is going to be the best ever I think he’s going to go out with a bang

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