Hopsin Not Quitting Rap, Says He Was Pranking Fans


Hopsin shocked fans earlier this month when he revealed, via Instagram, that he was officially moving to Australia and quitting rap. At the time, the Los Angeles rapper said he had signed over his interest in his Funk Volume imprint to his business partner… and is moving on.

“Tonight is the night that I am actually moving away to Australia,” Hopsin wrote, alongside a photo of himself at the airport. “Over the past couple years I have come to conclusion that this profession just isn’t for me, so im going to venture out into new areas of life. I will always be an MC at heart, but this rap stuff just isn’t for me. I hope Youguys can respect it.”

Apparently, it was all part of an elaborate prank. In a video uploaded to his Youtube channel on Christmas, Hopsin let everyone in on the joke.

In the clip, he introduces himself as Marcus Hopson, a “former hip-hop artist.” Then, he and Funk Volume signee Jarren Benton appear in a scene inspired by the film Dumb And Dumber To, revealing that it was just a joke.

Benton asks, “So, you’re not really quitting rap?” Hopsin then responds: “Man, hell no! F*ck that sh*t. Get ready for that Pound Syndrome,” a project due out in 2015.

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