It’s Christmas Eve and we’re just hours away from family dinners, eggnog and gift-opening. Seems like a pleasant evening to look forward to – until you realize you forgot to purchase a gift for a certain brother, dad, or son. Don’t fret, we compiled a list of surefire gifts for men who like to roll-up their sleeves and take care of business.

George Dickel: Sour Mash Whisky (Aged 9 Years)deas for Real Men Ft. George Dickel, Duke Cannon & EAK

George Dickel recently introduced a limited hand-numbered batch of their signature Sour Mash Whisky. At a 51.5% alcohol count, you can bet it has enough kick to boost any man’s testosterone count. Best of all it’s still distilled in Cascade Hollow, Tullahoma, Tennessee as it has been since 1870. ($46.99)

Duke Cannon: U.S. Military Field Grooming Kit

Duke Cannon sells some of the best soaps, shaving creams, and shampoo products for men. No frills and definitely no feminine fragrances, Duke Cannon’s U.S. Military Field Grooming Kit smells like productivity and even comes packed in a military ammunition canister. (Starting at $7.49)

Elevating All Kind: Black Steel Knit Beanie

Elevating All Kind dropped a simple yet well done beanie capsule a few weeks back. Since then it’s been our go to headpiece whenever we venture out on chilly nights. ($20)