9th Wonder

Iggy Azalea has brushed off any argument that she appropriates black culture, referring to anyone challenging her as haters. While Azaelia Banks called her out over it and Q-Tip offered up a history lesson, heralded producer 9th Wonder hopped into the conversation earlier this week… offering a much easier solution.

Via Twitter, the producer essentially told hip-hop fans that agree Iggy is appropriating the culture to go out and BUY  “real” music to change the current landscape of hip-hop… where artists like Iggy thrive.

“From the days of Little Brother, until now, it’s the SAME song…n*ggas always say how REAL they are, until it’s time to BUY,” tweeted 9th Wonder. “BUY. That word BUY is a serious word; 3 letters can CHANGE the course of music, in which..everybody is looking for a CHANGE…

“Yet and still…Iggy is still the BANE. I don’t like her music. HOWEVER, I go find what I LIKE and buy that.”

“HER fans buy HER sh*t….period. YES…it’s cultural appropriation….well…COUNTERATTACK by BUYING some cultural sh*t….”

“Stop waiting for artists to be ‘COOL’ or ‘UNCOOL’ before you decide to form an opinion, or when somebody becomes ‘the talk’ …”

“Quit being sheep ass n*ggas and make your favorite artist…’THE TALK’….buy and support your artists to the end of the earth….”

9th Wonder would go on to reveal that although he doesn’t listen to Iggy Azalea’s music, he commended her on her loyal fans who BUY her music.

“So to @IGGYAZALEA, your fans support your sh*t, at LEAST they BUY it! That energy & support needs to transfer to some of these complainers,” 9th concluded. “And AGAIN…I don’t like nor listen to her shit…..at ALL….I got sh*t I can listen to….yall do the same….go find it and buy it…”