Iggy Azalea Calls Q-Tip’s Lesson “Patronizing”

Iggy Azalea

Days after rap icon Q-Tip gave Iggy Azalea a lesson on hip-hop via Twitter, the Aussie rapper responds in a series of tweets, calling them “patronizing.”

First, Iggy thanks both Lupe Fiasco and Will.i.am for defending her, before seemingly responding to Tip without actually referencing him by name. She stated that she finds it “patronizing to assume i have no knowledge of something I’m influenced by, but I’ve also grown up with strangers assuming that.”

Over the weekend, Q-Tip directed nearly two dozen tweets toward Iggy, touching on the history of hip-hop, as well as cultural appropriation. She’s been silent until now.

“Its completely fine and I’m used to it by now. i don’t lose any sleep over it,” Iggy continued. “I’m also not going to sit on twitter & play hip hop squares with strangers to somehow prove i deserve to be a fan of or influenced by hiphop.

“i would have to be an idiot or incredibly bored to think that would change anyones already cemented opinion of me. I’m neither.”

“How you feel about me blending musical genres together doesn’t bother me, no one is making you support or buy pop rap albums,” Iggy concluded. “Its entirely up to you what you support and are interested in, thanks if you are interested in me and enjoy my music. i love to hear that!”


Lastly, Iggy said she will get back to her holiday break… and spend time with people that really matter to her.

“If you guys don’t mind… I’m on my christmas break enjoying it with people i actually KNOW…. in REAL life. you should do the same,” he tweeted. “”ts the most magical time of year and be it a slow news week… it still seems a waste to spend it aimlessly trolling my account.”

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