LL Cool J and Canibus

LL Cool J and underground rap vet Canibus officially squashed their beef recently, when they performed together on stage.

The pair’s beef dates back to the late 1990s, but put it to bed when they hit the stage together during Hot 97’s “Christmas in Brooklyn” concert on Friday night (Dec. 19).

“Had a lot of beefs in my life, but sometimes we gotta be bigger than that, sometimes you got to take things to the next level, sometimes we gotta flip the script,” LL told the crowd before bringing out ‘Bis. “Yo, Canibus… I love you, boy… Your career is starting again, baby.”

The beef stems from Canibus’ verse on LLs 1997 cut, “4,3,2,1,” in which opens with the line “Yo L, Is that a mic on your arm? Let me borrow that.” LL was said to have been offended by the and asked Canibus to re-record his verse in order to remain on the song.

Although ‘Bis would change the verse up, a subliminal diss would remain. “I’m the illest n*gga alive, watch me prove it / I snatch your crown witcha head still attached to it,” he spits on the song.

LL Cool J would end up including a response to it with his own verse on the track… and they’ve beefed ever since.