Iggy Azalea vs Anonymous

Iggy Azalea continues to get flack from all angles. This week, her rap nemesis Azealia Banks accused her of appropriating black culture during an emotional interview on Hot 97.

“That Iggy Azalea sh*t is not better than any f*ckin’ black girl that’s rapping today,” Banks said. “The Grammys are supposed to be awards for artistic excellence… Iggy Azalea’s not excellent. I have a problem when you’re trying to say that it’s hip-hop and you’re trying to put it up against black culture.”

Iggy would take to Twitter to respond, nonchalantly shooting down her rival’s arguments of a white takeover of hip-hop, while calling her a “bigot” and a “MISERABLE, angry human being.”

Her comments didn’t seem to sit well with infamous hacker group Anonymous, who has issued a threat to Iggy, demanding she apologize to both Banks and the New York City protesters… or else.

“You are guilty of misappropriating black culture, insulting peaceful protesters, and making light of Eric Garner’s death,” the group wrote via Twitter, which has since been suspended.

“You have exactly 48 hours from now to release a statement apologizing to @AzealiaBanks and the protesters in NYC,” the tweets continued. “If you do not do so, the memory of you will burn from the public faster than the moment you surfaced. We’re not kidding.”

Anonymous tweets to Iggy

Anonymous then revealed that it has obtained Iggy’s headline-making sex tape, and while they say they will not leak the video itself, they do plan to release screenshots to confirm the validity.

“#Anonymous is committed to standing with the people, combating fakery and lawlessness by the upper class, who believe that just because they can ‘sing’ and ‘dance’ that they have owned our complete allegiance,” the group explained.

Iggy Azalea had not responded, as of press time.