Yung Berg

Yung Berg made his rounds on New York radio on Friday (Dec. 20) to address all the dirt and controversies he’s been going through lately.

Immediately, the producer talked about his recent legal issues, in which he’s allegedly hit his girlfriend Masika in NYC resulting in him being fired from Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood.

“I can’t really talk about the legal aspect of the situation, but pretty much what happened, they lying. My credit card did not get declined or nothing like that. They trying to say my credit card got declined and I went crazy. That wasn’t the case,” Berg explained. “There wasn’t no credit card issue at all. Deeper than that, Masika explained the situation — I didn’t abuse her, I didn’t touch her, I never did anything.”

Later, Yung Berg addressed his relationship with Hazel-E, who went through it during the VH1 reality show.

“I hit it in the past,” he said, regarding Hazel. “That was my whole thing with Hazel-E. I was kinda upset, because you knew [Joie Chavis] was my girlfriend and they just removed her from the show. Why are you going so hard right now? We love Hazel. She was still crying on the reunion, I was like ‘Damn, let it go.’  ”

Berg goes on to deny gay rumors, break down his relationship with Ray J, his career as a producer and recent work with Nicki Minaj, and more.