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Talk of an NFL team coming to Los Angeles has been circulating since 2012. However, it will not happen in 2015.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told the San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and St. Louis Rams that there will not be a team that moves to L.A. for next season, reports ESPN.

Goodell did tell the three teams — each of whom can file a relocation application for the 2015 season starting Jan. 1 — that any team that is considering relocating to Los Angeles should look to 2016 instead. While the teams can still file a relocation application for next season, they’d need a super majority for approval. But, their request would not have the NFL’s support and likely would be rejected.

Since the commissioner delivered the message, the Chargers announced that they were going to be staying in San Diego.

The wait for a team in Los Angeles is now expected to go on until 2016, at least.

The Chargers announced Tuesday (Dec. 16) that the franchise will not terminate their lease at Qualcomm Stadium, stating that they will continue their attempt to build “a Super Bowl-quality” stadium in San Diego.