ScaffBeezy Suicidal Over Nicki Minaj Break-Up?

ScaffBeezy and Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj opened up this week about her break-up with longtime boyfriend ScaffBeezy, saying that although she’s heartbroken, she believes the relationship is over for good.

According to, her ex is an emotional wreck over the split after 12 years together… and is talking suicide.

Friends say ScaffBeezy spends days and nights smoking weed, and believe his open talk of suicide are more than idle threats.

While Nicki Minaj has shut down rumors that she’s seeing Maybach Music rapper Meek Mill, TMZ reports that SB refuses to reach out to her because of the new relationship… and even blames Mill of tearing them apart over false claims that he cheated.

Earlier this month, ScaffBeezy denied cheating rumors, blaming Nicki’s fame and the entertainment biz for their break-up.

As for Nicki’s recent interviews, where she’s talked about their break-up, he revealed on Twitter that he’s not listening to them. “ive been hearing but i dnt watch em…. hurts 2 much…,” he tweeted.

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  1. these dudes slay me with

    their tough guy persona,
    but the second their chick opt-
    out of relationship they become
    instant weenies with crazy
    suicidal/homicidal ideations.

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