West Coast rap vet Kurupt let some things off his chest recently, regarding the long talked about rivalry between the East and West coasts.

During an interview with Vlad TV, the DPG rapper became irritated when the question about Kendrick Lamar’s controversial verse on “Control” came up, where he called himself the “King of New York.”

If you’re a fan of West Coast rap, then you may remember that Kurupt made that statement in a rap int he past… and Kendrick was quoting him.

“What did Kurupt mean by ‘King of New York?'” Kurupt said, before reciting his bars. “That means, I’m the f*cking worst… and that’s all it meant. I’m the King of New York, his name was Frank White. You notice that when someone from the West Coast says they the ‘King of New York,” they automatically assume we’re disrespecting New York. I’m sick of that sh*t. We don’t have a problem with you New York, stop it my n*gga. King of New York is a f*cking movie.

“It’s a f*cking movie, man,” he continued. “We don’t want your city. We from Los Angeles, we from Compton, Watts, Inglewood… we are the West Coast. Why the f*ck would we wanna be where you at, n*gga? We don’t like your f*cking streets!! We like ours cuz. We don’t have a problem with you guys, my n*gga.”

Kurupt goes on to explain that taking verses the wrong way can lead to a coastal war — like what happened in the 1990s between Tupac and Biggie — And, is fed up with it.

“Sorry about that… I had to get that out,” he told Vlad, as he calmed down. “We don’t have a problem with you New York. Stop it cuz. We can say your name without you feeling like we going against you my n*gga. There is no competition, we’re family. New York, Los Angeles, Detroit… we’re all family. Anything in America is our family.”