Earl Sweatshirt Interviews Mike Tyson For Citizens Of Humanity

Citizens Of Humanity recently tapped Odd Future’s Earl Sweatshirt to interview boxing legend Mike Tyson for a piece in their biannual magazine.

During their conversation, the two discuss topics like family, fighting, The Notebook, happiness, women, money, ego and being young and dumb, among other things.

Below is a funny exceprt, in which Tyson essentially tells Earl that he’s “an idiot”, simply because of his age. Read the interview, in its entirety, at Citizens Of Humanity.

Mike: I mean, you’re pretty much an idiot at 20.

Earl: Right, that’s what I feel like. I got to 20, and I –

Mike: You’re not an idiot, but you are. You don’t really think you’re an idiot, but you are.

Earl: Right.

Mike: But you don’t think it. Like you’re in agreement, but you’re an idiot.

Earl: No, I swear, I was talking to someone yesterday, and I said the mark of me being an adult was when I got to the point where I realized how little I knew.

Mike: Oh, man. I’m humbled with that every moment of my life. I think I know a lot, but I don’t know anything. I think I know a lot; they talk about a lot of subjects and issues but in the scheme of the world, it’s really not even a grain of salt.