Sneakerheads have been hotly anticipating the Spring 2015 release of Jordan Brand’s remastered Retro line since news broke over the summer.

If you haven’t been following, the shoe brand plans to roll out upgraded, premium versions of the popular retro silhouettes, upping the quality of the brand’s coveted models.

With that said, sneakerhead/rapper Wale recently offered his opinion on the remastered line, via an interview with Sneaker Watch, questioning whether or not, it’s a marketing ploy to up revenue.

“Essentially, that might’ve been something [Jordan Brand] planned 10 years ago. It might’ve been a way to be like, ‘Ok, we gonna get double the money, because we’re gonna put them out…,’ ” the MMG rapper offered.

“I’m an avid wrestling fan, and when they do those story lines, they plan em two years out,” Wale continued. “And, they make big pay offs. If [Jordan] would’ve given us ‘A1’ quality the first time around, there wouldn’t have been no reason to do them again. So now, everybody probably waiting on the 15th release of the Jordan 3 and the 15th release of the Concord.”

Wale goes on to discuss the violence the sometimes follows the release of extremely limited shoe drops, pointing out that the urban community’s vanity fuels most of it.

“Our urban community and our Black culture, we’re very vain and very materialistic,” said the rapper. “Some of that might fall of the shoulders of people like myself, because I do glorify it. But, it’s part of being proud and working hard and being fly and having confidence. Sometimes, that gets flipped and turned into vanity. … It’s unfortunate, but if it wasn’t shoes, it’d be something else.”