With his The Young OG Project due out Christmas Day, Fabolous stopped by The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album, among other topics.

As for his upcoming sixth album, the New York rapper said he’s keeping in tradition of dropping something for the fans around the holidays.

“I usually let a project go [on Christmas]. People have gotten to like, they expect it. Like I’m a bad guy if I don’t give them something for the holidays,” Fab explained. “I was working on the album, and these flips starting coming, like they were 90’s influenced or inspired, or a complete flip of a 90’s joint. There was so many of them that it became almost a little project. That’s where The Young OG Project came from.”

According to Fabolous, the album features guest spots from Chris Brown, in which he flips Nas’ 2003 cut, “Oochie Wally,” as well as possible appearances by Nicki Minaj and Trey Songz.

Later, he offers his opinion on the long debated conversation of who the “King of New York” is.

“It’s like a barbershop conversation where everybody sits around and says who’s the king of New York, and who’s this and that,” Fab said. “That was one thing that always, to me, kept New York fighting within each other… to figure out who’s the king of New York. Some people would say Jay Z, some people would say Nas or Diddy or Biggie or whoever. All those guys are kings within themselves and happen to be from New York. I feel like you can be A king of New York without having to make the argument of being THE king of New York.”

Fabolous’ The Young OG Project drops December 25 at digital retailers.