14 Carat Gold Fred Water Flask

After recently garnering support from Lil Wayne for their Fred Water Flask, the makers behind the campaign offers up a gold version.

Before we get into the gold flask, the Fred Water campaign takes aim at sugar, hoping to influence everyone to drink water for a healthier life… instead of beverages with high sugar. And, to do so, they are selling stainless steel flasks to drink your H2O in… via a KickStarter campaign supported by the likes of Weezy, Tony Hawk and Flight of the Conchords’ Rhys Darby, among others.

Now, they’re offering a 14 carat gold-plated version, limited to just four pieces — two are already sold. It’s available to supporters who pledge $425 or more.

To date, the Fred Water Flask has received over $124K in pledges. Head over to KickStarter to learn more.