Terrance Howard and ex-wife Michelle

Terrence Howard’s ex-wife Michelle has filed papers, claiming the actor refuses to pay her the $500,000 he owes her, despite making big bucks on his latest TV series.

According to TMZ, Michelle filed a subpoena to get Terrence’s contract for his new FOX series Empire,  and found out he’s making $125,000 per episode. She then went to IMDB.com and found out he’s shot 3 so far.

She now claims that despite getting big pay checks from the the new gig, he refuses to pay her. In the docs, she claims Terrence owes the cash to her, her attorneys, and also for late fees since he continues to stiff her.

Terrence filed his own documents in July, claiming he was too broke and couldn’t make the payments.

Empire is slated to debut on FOX in 2015.