Michael Jackson

Following Nike’s $10 million lawsuit against three former employees over claims of sharing trade secrets with Adidas, another story has surfaced around one of the accused — designer Denis Dekovic.

Earlier this year, he corresponded with HighSnobiety founder David Fischer, where he revealed plans for the launch of a sneaker company inspired by Michael Jackson. The email surfaced in Nike’s lawsuit against Dekovic, and two other designers that left for Adidas.

“In 2008, Michael Jackson, a very good friend of mine, asked me to help him create a new brand for him,” Dekovic wrote to Fischer. It’s used in the lawsuit, because it breached a non-compete clause he is said to have signed with Nike.

According to the email, the secret Jackson-inspired brand would launch with two sneakers, dubbed “Moonwalker,” with the intent to release in late 2015 — one being super exclusive and retailing for $1,000, while another premium model would carry a $350 pricetag. Both would’ve been manufactured in Italy.

As for Jackson’s role, he would be utilized as “a mysterious presence behind the brand and it’s soul”, though hsi name would not be directly used in the product.

In response to these latest claims, Dekovic’s filed response stated, “The Moonwalker project was something I started with my friend Michael Jackson before I signed my non-compete in 2012,” adding that, “Since his death, the project has been in hiatus, I did not intend to launch any Moonwalker line during my non-compete period, and I do not have investors.”

You can read through the correspondence below: