50 Cent

In addition to preparing the next G-Unit project, The Beast Is G-Unit, and his long delayed Street King Immortal, 50 Cent has yet another new album on the horizon, entitled Beautiful Nightmare.

During an interview with The Guardian, the hip-hop mogul shared the news, while explaining the inspiration behind the title.

“I’m the guy from the neighbourhood who’s becoming a symbol of hope,” 50 Cent explained. “They look at me and go, ‘It is possible to make it.’ I took all the dysfunctional behaviour, everything damaging or that wasn’t good in my life, and I turned it into the most beautiful nightmare you can actually create. That’s my life… That’s the title of one of my next albums. Street King Immortal is the new one to come out, but the one after that might be Beautiful Nightmare. I’ve got thousands of titles.”