Jeezy scored a victory in court recently, when weapons charged he was facing were dismissed.

The rapper and five others were arrested in August after an AK-47 assault rifle turned up during a search of his tour bus in Mountain View, Calif. He would eventually post $1 million bail and pleaded not guilty to the charges.

According to, the Orange County D.A. dismissed the charges Thursday morning (Dec. 11)… because evidence in the case was not very solid.

The report says police were searching for a weapon that was used in a Northern California murder during a Wiz Khalifa-Jeezy concert a few days earlier. Two guns were recovered on Jeezy’s bus, both owned by the rapper’s security chief, who was actually not present. Both firearms were inspected two days before the arrest, and were determined to not be involved in the shooting in question.

Furthermore, Jeezy and the five others were no where near the gun when the tour bus was boarded. It was in a case behind the security chief’s bunk bed, and Jeezy was in a closed, separate cabin. TMZ says DNA results confirm none of those arrested even touched the weapon.